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Birthdate:Dec 12
We sat in a tiny circle, the three of us and for minutes we just watched each other and smiled.

"You're going away," I said at last.

He closed his eyes and nodded.

"Where will you go?" I said.

He shrugged, pointed out to the sky. "Somewhere," he said.

I touched his dry, cold hand. "What are you?" I whispered.

He shrugged again. "Something," he said.

Describing Skellig is a difficult task, since he does not belong to any one category of being. For the purposes of Milliways Bar, it should be noted that he appears to be a man in his mid-forties, with light brown hair and blue eyes. He walks with a stiff gait, but at the same time is light on his feet. He does have wings (brown feathers), but most of the time they are hidden beneath a long, dark overcoat (which is quite dirty and worn) though it is obvious that there is something on his back beneath the material.

If your character has the ability to 'sense' things out of the ordinary, then yes, Skellig will not register as your typical human - but what exactly he is isn't very clear. Part human, part owl, part angel...nobody is quite sure. Not even Skellig.

(And if he is sure, he's certainly not telling. Or perhaps, you just aren't listening.)

"Something like you, something like a beast, something like a bird, something like an angel." He laughed. "Something like that."

Please note: This character is from the fictional work Skellig, by David Almond. The writer of the character makes no claims to the copyright or passages from the story presented within. This journal is simply a writing exercise for use at Milliways Bar - a pan-fandom RP based on Livejournal. No profit is being made from it. If you need more description, check out this post with typed passages from the book - but frankly, I highly recommend you pick up a copy and read it yourself. It's a fantastic story.
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